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Would you like a marriage service with a difference? To write your own unique vows? To have a wedding ceremony that is stylish, individual and that friends and family will talk about for years afterwards? Of course you would! A wedding celebrant will give you all this and more.

"Helen really is a wonderful person to have as your wedding celebrant. She made us feel as if we had known her for years from the very first time we spoke to her. She told our story so beautifully."

I am passionate about enabling the happy couple to have the wedding day of their dreams. I absolutely love hearing all the details of your own wonderful, heart-warming, beautiful story - what it was that attracted you to each other, the excitement of that growing realization that here is someone who really is your soulmate ... your shared passions, the hopes and dreams that you have already realized, the myriad things that you are planning for the future, the special place of family and friends in your love story.

Love is AMAZING and it is my privilege to help couples express their love, passion and commitment.

Your wedding is the most wonderful day of your life and you deserve The Very Best of Everything.


Many couple are choosing to hold their wedding in special locations. Magnificent castles, luxurious chateaux, historic stately homes and glorious gardens are now able to host weddings.

If you are getting married abroad, it is worth remembering that a lot more paperwork and bureaucracy may be involved, and you may need to be resident in that country or even in that town for a certain number of weeks before you can legally get married there. To avoid all this hassle, what many couples do is to have a small legal marriage ceremony in the UK. Once you are legally married, then you can have your wedding ceremony abroad and you can repeat or rewrite your wedding vows with complete freedom.

Just remember that a wedding celebrant and a registrar are not the same thing. Most celebrants are not also registrars (or vicars) and so they cannot legally marry you.


People dream of getting married on a beach with the sea in the background, soft sunshine and the sense of freedome associated with being on a beautiful beach. It's a question of balancing practicalities and your dreams, so remember to have a back-up plan in case the weather is bad, check on tide times, & make sure guests and the bride aren't going to risk a twisted ankle trying to walk across shingle in stiletto heels. You don't want to spend your honeymoon in A&E! Also remember high heels will probably sink in the sand. Have wraps and hat-pins ready in case it is windy.

Beach ceremonies abroad are very popular, as there can be the guarantee of sunshine and warm weather.


A handfasting ceremony is one of the many beautiful things that I can do as a wedding celebrant. During the marriage service the couple hold hands and the wedding celebrant ties their hands together with a handful of long coloured ribbons symbolizing their unbreakable togetherness.

A handfasting is also a lovely way of expressing your promise, desire and firm intention to commit to one another through thick and thin, good times and bad ... unti death do us part... and to do the handfasting ceremony in front of all your family and friends only strengthens the bond.

Celebrate your wedding in style with the best marriage or civil partnership celebrant in Kent & East Sussex. Bring new life into your marriage with a renewal of vows. A celebrant-led ceremony with a handfasting ceremony for that extra special touch. A sensitive celebrant for the LGBT and disabled community. Could you do with some help writing your wedding vows or wedding speeches? Not having to do it all yourself will really take the pressure off. I am also a fully qualified hypnotherapist, so if wedding nerves or the prospect of giving a speech is getting you down, then I can help you. Ensure your wedding is really stylish with a first class wedding celebrant - it's your unique and special day and you deserve the very best. Getting married abroad? A wedding celebrant will help make it all flow smoothly on the day. You deserve the best on your wedding day; don't settle for less. Marriage servies for inter-faith ceremonies. The best celebrant for a brilliant anniversary celebration.

Make your baby naming and blessing ceremony one to remember. And when your little one is grown up it will be something beautiful to look back on together. The blessing and naming of a baby fills everyone with hope and joy, as we all rejoice in the incredible and astonishing miracle of this tiny new life.

Couples decide to renew their vows for many reasons. The demands of careers, having a family, accidents, illness and having to care for family members or children with health problems can make it hard for couples to spend enough meaningful time together because there is always a long list of tasks to be done. Through a ceremony to renew their vows they can plight their troth anew, rewrite their wedding vows to take into account all that they have been through together and crystallize their hopes and plans for the future. Many couples have said to me afterwards that the decision to renew their vows publicly in front of all their nearest and dearest was one of the best things they had ever done. Fresh vows not only reignited their love for one another but it made them feel more secure and less stressed.

Other couples want to throw a party to celebrate their togetherness and to say thank you to all their friends and family who have share their journey together and restating their vows is a wonderful way of doing this.

A good funeral can also be a tremendous way to bring friends and family together. I am an experienced funeral celebrant. Tunbridge Wells, Hastings, Charing (between Ashford and Maidstone), SE London, and Folkestone all have excellent crematoria. As an independant funeral celebrant I can write and deliver a really beautiful eulogy (also known as a funeral address) so that you do not have the pressure of having to speak in public when dealing with your own loss and all the considerable task of dealing with someone's affairs after they have passed away.

Also as a funeral celebrant, Tunbridge Wells and the other crematoria listed above are not the only places where I have led a funeral or memorial service. Many people choose to give their loved one a good send off in your own home, a hotel, a restaurants, or in a beautiful garden or woodland. There are no rules or regulations to prevent you doing this. The rules and regulations only apply to the actual body of the deceased.

Choosing to have a private ceremony in this way can save you a lot of money as crematoria fees are not cheap. If you need to keep costs down, it is worth ringing round local crematoria as they often charge very different rates. Slots early in the day or late in the afternoon may be cheaper - it pays to ask. If you are having a cremation, you do not have to have a service at the crematorium, you are free to have your funeral or memorial service elsewhere, but sometimes people are not aware of this.

Recently, a guest at a Tunbridge Wells funeral asked if I could do humanist funerals. The answer is yes, and not only humanist, but any and all types of funeral service.

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